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Here are some of the pics from this year, a good start, to a great year! Please come back again, refresh your browser, and see what’s here.  I hope you enjoy the pics, half as much, as I appreciate the time with you. Click on a photo below to see more images. Thanks all, Lee.

waterlight New Years Day Trip
Puget Sound
January 1, 2019  (22 Pics)
Wayne pounding Hank's CAL 39 Survey
Anacortes, WA
January 1, 2019  (28 Pics)
BirchBay Sunset Birch Bay Trip
Off the Boat!
January 17, 2019  (59 Pics)
Holy Grail SLA Winter Party
CYC Shilshole
January 19, 2019  (23 Pics)