Karleken Delivery

Anacortes to Elliot Bay

Barbara in Deception Pass

I went up with Barbara last month to check on Karleken, Martin's Swan 371. We found the sails, main battens, and fueled and watered the boat for delivery. On the first, Marti drove us up late for the delivery, big thank you Marti! Saturday turned out to be crisp and frosty. We got a good start, and were off Deception Island early. Shez had never been through Deception Pass and boy was he "stoked"! Now he has the whirlpool videos to prove it! It was flat, we had a lot of current with us and Barbara driving, so a quick easy trip. Karleken has a deep keel, a huge rudder, and is probably the best behaved boat I've ever been on. Looks like we did the run from outside the pass to North of Hoypus Point, East of Cornet Bay in less than 15 minutes! Barbara had prepared a meaty stew, and we motor-sailed through the sticks (anyone know why they line up parallel?) We saw the whale wach boat and an Orca pod in the distance, and made it to Everett before dark. We had a good dinner, ate at the bar, but had to leave when Jim showed up with his sewer hose-ha. Jim and Deb gave us a quick boat tour of Sea Scape their Gary Mull designed Concept 40.

We had an easy start on Sunday, the fuel dock was closed, the pump-out a challenge, and then the engine died just outside the harbor. We soon had the main and jib up, and sailed to Shilshole. We took the main down off Meadow point, rolled up the jib and sailed stately through the marina, missing Arnold's Memorial. We topped up the tank just before they closed, I got the engine started - more throttle and we made it to Elliot Bay before dark - yea! What a cold, good trip - thanks Karleken, Martin, Barbara, Shez and Marti!
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Youngblood.KarlekenDeliveryDSCF4670.jpg  2/24/19 3:27:31 PM
Youngblood.KarlekenDeliveryDSCF4672.jpg  2/24/19 4:31:35 PM
Youngblood.KarlekenDeliveryDSCF4678.jpg  3/2/19 7:29:47 AM
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Youngblood.KarlekenDeliveryDSCF4711.jpg  3/2/19 12:52:49 PM
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Youngblood.KarlekenDeliveryDSCF4745.jpg  3/3/19 12:07:27 PM
Youngblood.KarlekenDeliveryDSCF4746.jpg  3/3/19 1:41:45 PM
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