Blaine Delivery w/ Hank and Jim

March 28, 2019

Hank and Jim

Hank bought a nice Cal 39, and we've been doing a good bit of sail training. Hank found a slip in Blaine and we got him off the sales dock in Anacortes. I brought another experienced crew along for the delivery, Jim Hatcher who was with me on the Jeanneau 53, Marina del Rey to Seattle delivery back in 2014. While Hank has a fancy B&G chart plotter, we also used paper charts and watched for buoys, day marks, and ranges, learning to identify islands on the way up and keep our “heads out of the boat”. We had a very nice sail with light air and flat water, sorted out the entrance and arrived in Blaine, well before dark. The Cal 39, “Mar Querida” is now in a good moorage slip, well secured. Jim found a rare Kalick/Concept 40, like his boat. As always, I try to get shots of the boat, locations and crew, and hope you enjoy the pics, half as much as I enjoy the time with all of you - thanks!
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Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5061.jpg 3/28/19 8:20:49 AM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5066.jpg 3/28/19 11:12:40 AM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5067.jpg 3/28/19 11:14:18 AM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5068.jpg 3/28/19 11:54:29 AM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5070.jpg 3/28/19 12:05:18 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5071.jpg 3/28/19 1:17:36 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5072.jpg 3/28/19 1:19:47 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5073.jpg 3/28/19 1:28:11 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5074.jpg 3/28/19 1:29:45 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5079.jpg 3/28/19 2:31:43 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5081.jpg 3/28/19 2:40:02 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5086.jpg 3/28/19 3:08:30 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5088.jpg 3/28/19 3:08:43 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5093.jpg 3/28/19 3:11:10 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5094.jpg 3/28/19 3:38:18 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5097.jpg 3/28/19 3:39:04 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5102.jpg 3/28/19 3:50:07 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5105.jpg 3/28/19 3:56:22 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5108.jpg 3/28/19 5:07:49 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5109.jpg 3/28/19 5:08:31 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5110.jpg 3/28/19 5:30:08 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5113.jpg 3/28/19 5:57:00 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5114.jpg 3/28/19 6:16:11 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5115.jpg 3/28/19 6:16:23 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5119.jpg 3/28/19 6:18:46 PM
Youngblood.BlaineDeliveryDSCF5121.jpg 3/28/19 7:05:32 PM