Youngblood  |  s/v Francy

at Shilshole, Seattle, WA

April 6, 2019

Francy departing

Gay and Jon, my neighbors at Shilshole have a Thomas 35 sailboat, s/v Francy, a 1988 G&S design built by Tartan. I came back from the Fisheries Supply Swap Meet in time to see them off for the Blakely Rock Race. It was a wet and windy day, they sailed well and returned early. They made it back in time to get the sails folded before it dumped again. Many people looked at the weather, skipped the race or dropped out when it got really rough. They have a good crew and I hope to sail with them someday. As usual, I try to get shots of the crew, boats and gear. I hope you enjoy the pics - thanks, Lee!
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Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5393.jpg  4/6/19  9:59:48 AM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5395.jpg  4/6/19  10:29:04 AM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5396.jpg  4/6/19  10:31:24 AM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5398.jpg  4/6/19  10:31:49 AM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5402.jpg  4/6/19  2:17:59 PM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5404.jpg  4/6/19  2:18:57 PM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5406.jpg  4/6/19  2:21:33 PM
Youngblood.Francy  4/6/19DSCF5408.jpg  2:24:18 PM
Youngblood.Francy  4/6/19  2:24:33 PM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5410.jpg  4/6/19  2:51:47 PM
Youngblood.FrancyDSCF5413.jpg  4/6/19  2:52:00 PM