35' Oday Survey

Anacortes, WA

Wayne, Shawn and Cormorant.

     Deb and Shawn came to a little boat show in Anacortes this Spring. I got to show them a few boats and they came back and bought the sweet and well equipped 35' Oday. A Ray Hunt design, she's a great boat for them as them move up from their kayak! Here's a few pics from their survey with Wayne Gilham, who's always instructive. We even managed to squeeze in a rare haul-out, at MSC on a low tide Saturday! Thanks team!   (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF1567.jpg   9/8/18  10:27:55 AM
DSCF1569.jpg   9/8/18  10:36:29 AM
DSCF1570.jpg   9/8/18  10:41:43 AM
DSCF1571.jpg   9/8/18  11:15:18 AM
DSCF1572.jpg   9/8/18  11:15:54 AM
DSCF1574.jpg   9/8/18  11:16:40 AM
DSCF1575.jpg   9/8/18  11:17:37 AM
DSCF1577.jpg   9/8/18  12:02:47 PM
DSCF1578.jpg   9/8/18  1:29:18 PM
DSCF1581.jpg   9/8/18  2:19:52 PM