Dan's Ericson 41, Magic Flyby

Shilshole, WA

Dan's Ericson 41 sailboat.

Another CYC sailor, Dan loves his sailboat, but work and family moves him out of state. I've listed his Ericson 41, s/v Magic, but he just had to get a couple more sails in before leaving, so I asked him to sail towards the shore, just North of the Shilshole Bay Marina entrance. The sun was low, gold, and backlit. I needed to hid behind a tree, to keep the light out of the lens, but what a nice flyby! Thanks Dan. Enjoy!
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s/v Magic DSC_8230.jpg   9/26/18  5:59:03 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8232.jpg   9/26/18  5:59:10 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8234.jpg   9/26/18  5:59:57 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8236.jpg   9/26/18  6:00:34 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8239.jpg   9/26/18  6:01:00 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8246.jpg   9/26/18  6:01:36 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8248.jpg   9/26/18  6:01:51 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8254.jpg   9/26/18  6:03:57 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8271.jpg   9/26/18  6:13:03 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8275.jpg   9/26/18  6:13:51 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8278.jpg   9/26/18  6:14:10 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8280.jpg   9/26/18  6:14:19 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8283.jpg   9/26/18  6:14:50 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8285.jpg   9/26/18  6:15:01 PM
s/v Magic DSC_8288.jpg   9/26/18  6:15:22 PM