s/v Arrow Departs O-Dock

Shilshole, WA

Arrow Departs

Heading out to San Francisco and on to Mexico, s/v Arrow left with a great hi-tide push, on a full moon night. Good planning, lots of prep, and the support of many hands, friends and well wishers, all helped to make this one of the best and memorable departures. Marisa & Mike have been fitting their Carter 37 out for this passage for the last 2 years, and have sailed her around Vancouver Island. Check out that hard dodger! Their family crew includes kids, Josea and Russell, and crew Jared for the SF passage. Follow their adventures on Arrow. The folks on K-dock send someone South every year, but this was a sweet good-bye departure party for O-dock. Thanks all! Enjoy!
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s/v Arrow DSCF1799.jpg  9/21/18  4:37:52 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1816.jpg  9/23/18  5:05:56 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1819.jpg  9/23/18  7:13:35 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1819.jpg  9/23/18  7:16:30 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1824.jpg  9/23/18  7:17:05 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1825.jpg  9/23/18  7:17:14 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1828.jpg  9/23/18  7:21:09 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1830.jpg  9/23/18  7:21:52 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1833.jpg  9/23/18  7:22:16 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1833.jpg  9/23/18  7:22:32 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1836.jpg  9/23/18  7:24:34 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1838.jpg  9/23/18  7:27:20 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1840.jpg  9/23/18  7:27:29 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1841.jpg  9/23/18  7:27:42 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1844.jpg  9/23/18  7:28:13 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1849.jpg  9/23/18  7:29:21 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1850.jpg  9/23/18  7:29:49 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1852.jpg  9/23/18  7:30:22 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1853.jpg  9/23/18  7:30:57 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1856.jpg  9/23/18  7:32:20 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1857.jpg  9/23/18  7:32:24 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1859.jpg  9/23/18  7:33:27 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1860.jpg  9/23/18  7:33:51 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1861.jpg  9/23/18  7:34:02 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1862.jpg  9/23/18  7:34:09 PM
s/v Arrow DSCF1862.jpg  9/23/18  7:34:19 PM