Simplicity Haul-Out

Edmonds, WA

Simplicity in Edmonds  Boat Yard

   It had been years since we had seen the bottom of our boat, and we knew we had plenty of growth - the boat was sailing slow! Finally I was able to get the boat up to Scott and Gordy at the Edmonds Yacht Services, at the Edmonds Boat Yard. I actually came up early, for the 9Am haul-out. The good guys there hauled the boat, scrapped and pressure washed the bottom and took the boat across the street. Gordy taped and painted, and soon even had a second coat on the hull. I spent a day on the hull, cleaning, compounding and a little waxing, and then it was time to put her back in the water. What an efficient operation! Thank you Scott and Gordy! Maitham helped me sail the boat back to Shilshole and I was so happy running around the boat, we even put the spinnaker up and had a fine smooth sail home - big thanks! We even had my favorite Fellini-puffas for sunset! What a treat! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF9839.jpg  7/25/18  9:10:27 AM
DSCF9841.jpg  7/25/18  9:11:22 AM
DSCF9842.jpg  7/25/18  9:13:29 AM
DSCF9843.jpg  7/25/18  9:17:40 AM
DSCF9847.jpg  7/25/18  9:27:21 AM
DSCF9852.jpg  7/25/18  9:29:31 AM
DSCF9853.jpg  7/25/18  9:40:09 AM
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DSCF9856.jpg  7/25/18  9:51:42 AM
DSCF9866.jpg  7/25/18  10:18:32 AM
DSCF9867.jpg  7/25/18  10:18:42 AM
DSCF9872.jpg  7/25/18  10:32:54 AM
DSCF9875.jpg  7/25/18  11:46:17 AM
DSCF9877.jpg  7/25/18  11:48:53 AM
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