Monday night on Wind Dancer

Chris's big 1995 Tartan 3800

Wind Dancer finish

   Chris has done a great job taking novice sailors out racing, often for the fun Friday night series. He has a good group of gals, that have sailed with him, on his little C&C 34 and now his big a 1995 Tartan 3800. Chris works hard, to always have a good time, and explain things to his new crew. Every once in a while I get to sail with him, and photograph his crew and the other boats in the diverse sailing fleet. This evening was a bit grey, but as you can see, we had a good time. Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF9035.jpg   6:28:19  PM
DSCF9039.jpg   6:30:37  PM
DSCF9042.jpg   6:37:02  PM
DSCF9045.jpg   6:38:00  PM
DSCF9047.jpg   6:39:19  PM
DSCF9049.jpg   6:40:31  PM
DSCF9051.jpg   6:40:44  PM
DSCF9054.jpg   6:41:25  PM
DSCF9057.jpg   6:41:59  PM
DSCF9058.jpg   6:42:02  PM
DSCF9062.jpg   6:43:38  PM
DSCF9063.jpg   6:43:49  PM
DSCF9065.jpg   6:44:17  PM
DSCF9067.jpg   6:44:32  PM
DSCF9068.jpg   6:44:58  PM
DSCF9072.jpg   6:49:34  PM
DSCF9074.jpg   6:49:44  PM
DSCF9078.jpg   6:51:07  PM
DSCF9082.jpg   6:51:37  PM
DSCF9084.jpg   6:52:02  PM
DSCF9085.jpg   6:52:05  PM
DSCF9087.jpg   6:52:39  PM
DSCF9090.jpg   6:55:18  PM
DSCF9094.jpg   6:56:42  PM
DSCF9098.jpg   7:02:04  PM
DSCF9100.jpg   7:03:13  PM
DSCF9103.jpg   7:04:41  PM
DSCF9106.jpg   7:04:58  PM
DSCF9109.jpg   7:05:20  PM
DSCF9110.jpg   7:05:33  PM
DSCF9111.jpg   7:05:37  PM
DSCF9112.jpg   7:05:40  PM
DSCF9114.jpg   7:08:20  PM
DSCF9117.jpg   7:08:20  PM
DSCF9118.jpg   7:10:31  PM
DSCF9119.jpg   7:10:34  PM
DSCF9122.jpg   7:16:52  PM
DSCF9125.jpg   7:17:24  PM
DSCF9128.jpg   7:42:04  PM
DSCF9130.jpg   7:45:56  PM
DSCF9132.jpg   7:47:22  PM
DSCF9133.jpg   7:47:39  PM
DSCF9135.jpg   7:48:13  PM
DSCF9141.jpg   7:53:33  PM
DSCF9142.jpg   7:54:24  PM
DSCF9145.jpg   7:54:45  PM
DSCF9147.jpg   7:54:50  PM
DSCF9153.jpg   8:25:51  PM