Coho Offshore Medical Seminar

Dr. Ken Fabert

Ken Fabert

     Fisheries Supply, one of our most generous sponsors, let's us use their training room for seminars, and Dave in the Fisheries Galley, department always has an interesting solution or new product to introduce. This evening it was storage suggestions for cruisers. David Burch from Starpath stopped by to show us his Celestial Navigation "GPS Backup Kit", a waterproof bag with sexton, tools, instructions and tables - all you need to find your position, without batteries or GPS. It's so great to have so many sponsors actively involved with our seminars!

We added an additional seminar this year, to have Ken Fabert do our Offshore Medical Medical talk, and everyone who made the seminar, was delighted we did! Ken is an experienced and enthusiastic offshore racer, cruiser and doctor. He gives an advanced talk to the Safety at Sea Seminar, required for offshore races like Oregon Offshore and Vic Maui. Ken does a great job helping foks understand the big issues, the boom and hyperthermia which are the real killers! Everything else is first aid, or something you can't deal with outside of a trama center. He is able to make the seminar both informative and non-threatening, and we left encouraged and less scared. Thanks Ken! Of course I tried for a few other shots of the group too. Thanks all!   (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSC_6815.jpg  6/19/18  5:30:25 PM
DSC_6816.jpg  6/19/18  5:30:31 PM
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