AJ on Victoria

A cool afternoon sail 3/7/18.

s/v Victoria

   I got back to my boat after the survey delivery, and still had my gear on, when AJ asked if I wanted to sail. Duh - Sure! A couple weeks ago I saw him out sailing and got the shot above. AJ is sailing his newer C&C 99, s/v Victoria, and getting out often, more than anyone I know. With a sail area to displacement number over 20, there's plenty of horsepower. He had crew, Remi and Steve from the Flying Tiger he races on, so we had a sweet little winter sail. Heading in, we crossed paths with the Vanguard Juniors, about the only other boats out there. What a good time! Thanks all! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF5943.jpg  3:50:53 PM
DSCF5944.jpg  4:03:44 PM
DSCF5947.jpg  4:03:57 PM
DSCF5949.jpg  4:21:46 PM
DSCF5951.jpg  4:33:49 PM
DSCF5958.jpg  4:50:25 PM
DSCF5963.jpg  4:50:59 PM
DSCF5964.jpg  5:10:44 PM
DSCF5967.jpg  5:12:10 PM
DSCF5968.jpg  5:12:17 PM
DSCF5973.jpg  5:30:54 PM