Sunny Sailing Trip with Hans

March 3, 2018

Hans's Grin!

   Hans called about 10AM, it was beautiful out, breezy and we weren't racing, "Did I want to go sailing?" Yea, I didn't have any appointments - my clients seen to want to see boats then it's raining or snowing, or maybe that's just the weather we've been having. I called a few friends to see if they wanted to go, and it was too last minute. We stopped at the fuel dock, got to see Mike's new Hunter, a big 45, and say goodbye to his old one the 375. Saturday was the Blakely Rock Race, the first of the Center Sound Series. By the time we cleared West Point, most of the race fleet were almost down to Blakely Rock. We sailed past Magnolia Bluffs and into Elliot Bay, so I could catch a few shots of the boats racing. Hum, was that Violet Hour? What a shiny silver sea shot!

It was great to see a few boats I knew, or had sailed on, like Ken's Kowloon and Chris's Wind Dancer. What a great day to be out on the water! We even sorted out reefing, and that didn't slow us down. We stopped at the pump-out and made it to the slip for a beer. What a great, good time! Thanks all! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF5860.jpg  12:03:37PM
DSCF5864.jpg  12:18:37PM
DSCF5873.jpg  12:52:11PM
DSCF5875.jpg  12:54:20PM
DSCF5876.jpg  12:54:26PM
DSCF5882.jpg  12:55:52PM
DSCF5884.jpg  12:59:10PM
DSCF5888.jpg  12:59:44PM
DSC_5794.jpg  1:09:51PM
DSC_5807.jpg  1:23:52PM
DSC_5812.jpg  1:25:59PM
DSC_5813.jpg  1:26:04PM
DSC_5817.jpg  1:26:11PM
DSC_5819.jpg  1:26:20PM
DSC_5822.jpg  1:26:40PM
DSC_5824.jpg  1:27:29PM
DSC_5828.jpg  1:27:45PM
DSC_5830.jpg  1:28:03PM
DSC_5831.jpg  1:28:25PM
DSC_5835.jpg  1:29:28PM
DSC_5837.jpg  1:30:54PM
DSC_5838.jpg  1:30:58PM
DSC_5839.jpg  1:31:00PM
DSC_5841.jpg  1:31:04PM
DSC_5843.jpg  1:31:19PM
DSC_5847.jpg  1:31:33PM
DSC_5851.jpg  1:33:54PM
DSC_5856.jpg  1:34:15PM
DSC_5858.jpg  1:34:31PM
DSC_5864.jpg  1:36:26PM
DSC_5866.jpg  1:40:29PM
DSCF5892.jpg  1:40:33PM
DSC_5870.jpg  1:40:52PM
DSC_5873.jpg  1:41:03PM
DSC_5877.jpg  1:41:06PM
DSC_5879.jpg  1:41:10PM
DSC_5884.jpg  1:41:39PM
DSC_5886.jpg  1:44:07PM
DSCF5893.jpg  1:47:42PM
DSCF5894.jpg  1:48:15PM
DSCF5897.jpg  2:33:44PM
DSCF5901.jpg  2:42:49PM
DSCF5904.jpg  2:47:12PM
DSCF5908.jpg  3:25:45PM
DSCF5912.jpg  3:26:39PM
DSCF5915.jpg  3:26:47PM
DSCF5931.jpg  3:29:49PM
DSCF5932.jpg  3:29:59PM
DSCF5933.jpg  4:10:04PM