J-105 Panic

Center Sound Race #2
Scatchet Head 3/10/18

s/v Panic upwind

   Sue Drake announced she was looking for crew at the Coho Ho Ho planning meeting. I haven't sailed on a J-105 in years, what fun! Panic turns out to be Chunk's boat, and I wanted to sail with him years ago. Finally our schedules meshed, and the Scatchet Head Race, turned into a buoy race. Even better, I think I've only finished 2 or 3 Scatchet head races, out of 6 or 7 tries, timing out in light air and foul current. Sue is a fine driver, very gentle with the helm, and we caught most of the earlier fleet before the windward mark. Most, but Ken Chin was there before us, again! Marc called tactics and managed the main, and Mark did all the trimming. It was great to see all the spinnakers behind us! Soon the big boats paraded by, and more of the J-105 fleet caught us at the leeward mark. The J-105 fleet is one of the toughest, with 8/10 boats in this race. The very competitive, J-105 Last Tango got us to tack enough, they finished just before us. Oh well, still a great day on the water! Thanks all! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF6060.jpg  6:12:31 AM
DSCF6066.jpg  8:50:50 AM
DSCF6068.jpg  9:12:36 AM
DSCF6069.jpg  9:18:08 AM
DSCF6072.jpg  9:22:32 AM
DSCF6077.jpg  9:43:09 AM
DSCF6080.jpg  9:44:07 AM
DSCF6081.jpg  9:44:27 AM
DSCF6085.jpg  9:59:39 AM
DSCF6087.jpg  10:00:23 AM
DSCF6089.jpg  10:00:27 AM
DSCF6091.jpg  10:01:06 AM
DSCF6092.jpg  10:02:44 AM
DSCF6098.jpg  10:04:18 AM
DSCF6108.jpg  10:11:21 AM
DSCF6111.jpg  10:12:19 AM
DSCF6111.jpg  10:16:33 AM
DSCF6121.jpg  10:25:57 AM
DSCF6125.jpg  10:27:40 AM
DSCF6137.jpg  10:58:01 AM
DSCF6143.jpg  11:13:15 AM
DSCF6148.jpg  11:17:14 AM
DSCF6152.jpg  11:18:36 AM
DSCF6155.jpg  11:24:56 AM
DSCF6160.jpg  11:25:57 AM
DSCF6162.jpg  11:25:57 AM
DSCF6164.jpg  11:27:52 AM
DSCF6168.jpg  11:28:41 AM
DSCF6168.jpg  11:32:51 AM
DSCF6173.jpg  11:33:32 AM
DSCF6177.jpg  11:37:39 AM
DSCF6182.jpg  11:46:28 AM
DSCF6183.jpg  11:47:26 AM
  11:59:37 AM
DSCF6196.jpg  12:00:09 PM
DSCF6198.jpg  12:00:22 PM
DSCF6202.jpg  12:10:37 PM
DSCF6206.jpg  12:13:53 PM
DSCF6208.jpg  12:15:50 PM
DSCF6211.jpg  12:17:41 PM
DSCF6212.jpg  12:22:32 PM
DSCF6220.jpg  12:24:49 PM
DSCF6225.jpg  12:31:43 PM
DSCF6226.jpg  12:51:28 PM
DSCF6228.jpg  1:18:17 PM
DSCF6230.jpg  1:57:59 PM
DSCF6231.jpg  1:58:46 PM
DSCF6233.jpg  1:58:54 PM
DSCF6234.jpg  1:59:03 PM
DSCF6235.jpg  2:34:57 PM
DSCF6238.jpg  3:10:24 PM