PSCC Edmonds Trip

February 24, 2018

Tony's Grin!

   Kathleen has had enough nasty weather experience and circulation problems, she's not doing that again! At 8:30 Saturday it was black out and sleeting hard! I had wrangled crew, Jim who's sailed with me before, and Tony who's been sailing in San Diego. Kathleen was upset that they were going to have to drive to Shilshole from the East side, and then cancel the trip. Determined to go, I waited for the weather to change, and by ten it was nice and sunny out. We left at eleven as planned, and had a fine sunny sail to Edmonds. Sometimes we were powered up, and other times, slow in little holes of light air, but we stayed dry and had a great time, good light and rainbows. Look at Tony's grin!

Five boats made it up to Edmonds for the PSCC trip. Doc & Virginia's big catamaran, Cat Shot II came up Friday, and Joe showed up on his C&C 33. Sherry and Mike on Raven Dancer, motored up before us. Sharon and Jeff brought their big Hunter, s/v Boog up for their first PSCC trip with crew Sean & Linda. Diane and Mark drove up with Cynthia, and Karen and Kathleen joined us. Some folks went out for dinner, and a few us up had a quiet potluck on Raven Dancer.

Angie came up to sail home with me, and after a nice potluck breakfast on the catamaran, we waited just a bit for the rain to lighten up. It was just sprinkling when we headed out, and by Point Wells we were ghosting along in sunshine. We had an easy sail home, and finished up the cherry cobbler. Off Meadow Point we saw AJ's Victoria, a newer performance C&C 32, and I got a few shots. I missed the shot of the big eagle at the South end of the breakwater, but Angie was happy to see him. We stopped at the pump-out and made it to the slip, just before the rain and sleet hit. We certainly had a good time! Thanks all!  (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF5706.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:08:25AM
DSCF5707.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:09:01AM
DSCF5708.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:25:46AM
DSCF5710.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:26:03AM
DSCF5712.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:58:13AM
DSCF5714.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:58:23AM
DSCF5716.jpg  Sat. 2/24 11:58:49AM
DSCF5717.jpg  Sat. 2/24 12:01:22PM
DSCF5721.jpg  Sat. 2/24 12:50:25PM
DSCF5722.jpg  Sat. 2/24 1:08:27PM
DSCF5727.jpg  Sat. 2/24 1:34:29PM
DSCF5730.jpg  Sat. 2/24 1:36:02PM
DSCF5733.jpg  Sat. 2/24 1:48:18PM
DSCF5734.jpg  Sat. 2/24 1:58:56PM
DSCF5738.jpg  Sat. 2/24 3:41:47PM
DSCF5740.jpg  Sat. 2/24 3:43:00PM
DSCF5742.jpg  Sat. 2/24 5:27:01PM
DSCF5743.jpg  Sat. 2/24 5:27:19PM
DSCF5744.jpg  Sat. 2/24 5:30:39PM
DSCF5745.jpg  Sat. 2/24 5:30:43PM
DSCF5747.jpg  Sat. 2/24 5:30:55PM
DSCF5755.jpg  Sat. 2/24 5:33:37PM
DSCF5756.jpg  Sat. 2/24 6:13:16PM
DSCF5759.jpg  Sat. 2/24 6:14:02PM
DSCF5761.jpg  Sat. 2/24 6:33:40PM
DSCF5764.jpg  Sat. 2/24 7:08:36PM
DSCF5766.jpg  Sat. 2/24 8:52:32PM
DSCF5771.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:40:03AM
DSCF5772.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:40:22AM
DSCF5773.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:40:39AM
DSCF5774.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:43:11AM
DSCF5775.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:47:40AM
DSCF5778.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:48:35AM
DSCF5782.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:52:03AM
DSCF5783.jpg  Sun. 2/25 9:52:11AM
DSCF5788.jpg  Sun. 2/25 10:06:13AM
DSCF5790.jpg  Sun. 2/25 10:08:28AM
DSCF5794.jpg  Sun. 2/25 10:11:37AM
DSCF5797.jpg  Sun. 2/25 10:17:49AM
DSCF5800.jpg  Sun. 2/25 11:14:58AM
DSCF5804.jpg  Sun. 2/25 12:10:26PM
DSCF5805.jpg  Sun. 2/25 12:40:59PM
DSCF5808.jpg  Sun. 2/25 12:55:51PM
DSCF5816.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:30:03PM
DSCF5821.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:31:59PM
DSCF5822.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:32:02PM
DSCF5825.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:33:59PM
DSCF5827.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:34:13PM
DSCF5829.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:34:29PM
DSCF5831.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:35:31PM
DSCF5833.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:36:12PM
DSCF5834.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:36:52PM
DSCF5837.jpg  Sun. 2/25 1:39:02PM
DSCF5841.jpg  Sun. 2/25 2:01:15PM