Opus Survey at Seaview Boatyard

Ballard, WA
January 6th, 2018

Opus in the slings.

    Rich is buying the Islander Freeport 36, s/v Opus, a boat he can stand up in, and cruise locally. We had John Sanford do the survey, with the haul-out at Seaview Boatyard, here at Shilshole. John, one of the best surveyors in Puget Sound, doesn't miss much. He's very through, and prioritizes the project list, which is most helpful. He even found more leaks. Yea, the genoa does need cleaning! Opus is a good solid boat and Rich is going to have a great time with her. . . Thanks guys!
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DSCF4592.jpg  10:07:16 AM
DSCF4593.jpg  10:11:44 AM
DSCF4594.jpg  12:34 02PM
DSCF4596.jpg  1:17 46PM
DSCF4599.jpg  1:18:46 PM
DSCF4601.jpg  1:20:47 PM
DSCF4602.jpg  1:20:57 PM
DSCF4604.jpg  1:22:25 PM
DSCF4609.jpg  1:36:56 PM
DSCF4612.jpg  1:41:16 PM
DSCF4616.jpg  1:44:52 PM
DSCF4618.jpg  1:47:26 PM
DSCF4622.jpg  1:47:34 PM
DSCF4624.jpg  1:53:05 PM
DSCF4628.jpg  1:58:11 PM
DSCF4629.jpg  3:04:04 PM