Domino Games with Gabe

At Lane and Rodgers
January 2nd, 2018

Gabe with Dominos

    After New Year's, we went up to Lane and Rodgers in Lake Forest Park. It's always good to see my sister, and Gabe was over and up for a little dominos. He's not playing for money - yet, but having a good time stacking, and trying to find one to pull. Here's a few pics. . .
Thanks all! (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSCF4474.jpg   4:49:41 PM
DSCF4477.jpg   4:57:59 PM
DSCF4478.jpg   4:58 05PM
DSCF4482.jpg   5:05 07PM
DSCF4484.jpg   5:05:41 PM
DSCF4485.jpg   5:17:37 PM
DSCF4489.jpg   5:21:22 PM
DSCF4491.jpg   5:21:58 PM
DSCF4494.jpg   5:34:34 PM
DSCF4496.jpg   5:34:49 PM
DSCF4497.jpg   5:35:03 PM
DSCF4498.jpg   5:35:12 PM
DSCF4499.jpg   5:35:21 PM
DSCF4501.jpg   7:36:57 PM
DSCF4503.jpg   7:42:19 PM
DSCF4510.jpg   7:44:37 PM