PSCC New Year's Eve Raft-up

Blakely Harbor
Dec. 31st to January 1, 2018

Seattle Fireworks

   After seemingly weeks of rain, New Year's Eve was cold, cloudy and windy, clear enough to see Mt. Ranier and Baker. Kathleen and I had a late bumpy start, and a cold downwind sail to Blakely Harbor. Note the downwind white caps, no one else sailing, and spray on the Blakely Rocks. Red Hot, Shez & Michelle's long lean C&C 39 was anchored, with Andy's Oday 322 s/v Imagine, with his mom Geni and daughter Aloe aboard. Linda and Keith on the Catalina 30 s/v Wicked anchored too, and by dinnertime, Alan and Michelle tied up their Pacific Seacraft 31PH, s/v Corps of Discovery. We had a fine potluck dinner on Simplicity, and most everyone stayed up for the fireworks. We could see the fireworks at the Seattle Space Needle this year! Yea! It's really just a joke, they are about the size of an extended thumbnail, but a good excuse for a winter trip.

We hosted the breakfast potluck, missed Steve's traditional gallimaufry, but there was plenty of good food as usual. The sail home was upwind, reefed, and with the apparent wind speed 19 to 24 kts. very cold. I tried to get a few shots of the other boats sailing, even Red Hot way South. Another great PSCC trip - Thanks all!  (Click on a image below for a larger image "slide show" - arrow keys work well.)

DSC_5301.jpg   Dec 29th  11:32:03 PM
DSC_5302.jpg   Dec 31st  2:34:09 PM
DSC_5314.jpg   Dec 31st  2:38 51PM
DSC_5317.jpg   Dec 31st  2:39 03PM
DSC_5318.jpg   Dec 31st  2:41:03 PM
DSC_5322.jpg   Dec 31st  2:41:12 PM
DSC_5327.jpg   Dec 31st  4:23:20 PM
DSC_5333.jpg   Jan 1st  12:02:42 AM
DSC_5334.jpg   Jan 1st  12:02:48 AM
DSC_5346.jpg   Jan 1st  12:04:58 AM
DSC_5349.jpg   Jan 1st  12:06:14 AM
DSC_5355.jpg   Jan 1st  12:08:03 AM
DSC_5358.jpg   Jan 1st  12:08:14 AM
DSCF4399.jpg   Jan 1st  12:13:05 AM
DSCF4407.jpg   Jan 1st  7:51:29 AM
DSCF4412.jpg   Jan 1st  9:30:57 AM
DSC_5373.jpg   Jan 1st  8:36:41 AM
DSCF4414.jpg   Jan 1st  9:43:24 AM
DSCF4418.jpg   Jan 1st  10:44:45 AM
DSCF4419.jpg   Jan 1st  10:50:02 AM
DSCF4424.jpg   Jan 1st  11:24:10 AM
DSCF4425.jpg   Jan 1st  11:24 24AM
DSCF4427.jpg   Jan 1st  11:26 03AM
DSCF4430.jpg   Jan 1st  11:30 44AM
DSCF4431.jpg   Jan 1st  11:31 36AM
DSCF4433.jpg   Jan 1st  11:33 10AM
DSCF4435.jpg   Jan 1st  11:39 31AM
DSCF4437.jpg   Jan 1st  11:40 49AM
DSCF4440.jpg   Jan 1st  11:43 13AM
DSCF4449.jpg   Jan 1st  12:21:22 PM
DSCF4450.jpg   Jan 1st  12:21:28 PM
DSCF4453.jpg   Jan 1st  12:22:07 PM
DSCF4454.jpg   Jan 1st  12:22:17 PM
DSCF4458.jpg   Jan 1st  12:24:41 PM
DSCF4461.jpg   Jan 1st  12:27:54 PM
DSCF4463.jpg   Jan 1st  12:28:08 PM
DSC_5382.jpg   Jan 1st  12:29:52 PM
DSC_5384.jpg   Jan 1st  12:29:57 PM
DSC_5385.jpg   Jan 1st  12:30:01 PM
DSCF4467.jpg   Jan 1st  12:31:22 PM
DSCF4470.jpg   Jan 1st  1:49:32 PM
DSC_5406.jpg   Jan 1st  2:19:04 PM
DSC_5407.jpg   Jan 1st  2:21 10PM
DSC_5412.jpg   Jan 1st  2:35 45PM
DSC_5425.jpg   Jan 1st  2:39:10 PM
DSC_5442.jpg   Jan 1st  2:40:18 PM
DSC_5457.jpg   Jan 1st  2:41:19 PM
DSCF4472.jpg   Jan 1st  2:53:32 PM