s/v Valis Delivery

©Lee Youngblood 2014

          Paul wanted to do Pacific Cup again, and with Jim's help, I got a chance to help deliver the solid Pacific Seacraft 44, s/v Valis from Friday Harbor to Sausalito. What a great sailing trip, no rain, plenty of wind behind us, and only a few cockpit flushings. Jim and Rich were washed out of the cockpit, and into the lifelines at 4AM. They were tethered of course, and only a bit bruised.

Off Cape Blanco, sailing in a bit of a gale for a few hours, we saw a recorded average of 47 knots with gusts to 58. The seas were big and beautiful, with shimmering valleys and big crashing peaks. Down below it was surprisingly quiet, and the only squeak was the loaded genoa block on the toerail. I've never sailed offshore on a more solid boat! We had a thoughtful, controlled jibe, and sailed for lighter air closer to shore. After the heavy air, 25-29 knots seemed almost sluggish, the boat speed dropped from 10+ to a modest 7 knots, and Cape Mendocino was only a little lumpy. A quick week long trip, we motored in under the Golden Gate Bridge just before 5am, along with plenty of ship traffic. Thanks Paul, Rich and Jim!

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