Thanksgiving Tacoma Trip

Tacoma Glass

      We did the cruising club trip to Tacoma, Thanksgiving weekend.  It was snowing in the Olympics as we sailed down to Blake Island Thursday afternoon.  We had Thanksgiving dinner on Osprey with Steve and Elsie.  Friday to Tacoma was was a long WET day (5 hours in the rain felt like 12).  I told Steve and Elsie, I was writing the day off as "training for Alaska".  They both laughed, and said this was worse than any day they had in Alaska!  We had stopped in De Moines for fuel, but they were closed, so we needed diesel.  We did a little museum tour with folks on Saturday, got a little fuel, and motor sailed up Colvos passage on Sunday.  Out of the pass, we were pounding into the 22-24kts in very dark cold conditions, and I didn't want to try for Blake Island.  We went in to Blakely Harbor and anchored for a very nice quiet night.  Minor detail, I hadn't refilled the kerosene tank, so we had no heat in the night.  Kathleen made a great banana bread, which warmed things up in the morning though.  It was a cold sail home, but dry and nice to be off the dock!

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