S.V. Complexity

A 29 day Seattle to Hilo Sailing Trip
6/23 to 7-28, 2008

Here at last, are pics from our trip with Jim and Barbara Cole, friends from the Puget Sound Cruising Club.
Also aboard the Hallberg Rassey 36 was their nine year old grand-dauther Abbey. With stops in Port Townsend, and
Neah Bay, the offshore passage was 27 days, a lot of sky and water, and while there are a lot of pics on this site,
they can't begin to really show you what it feels like to be out there. While this was a slow and lumpy trip,
we avoided storms but felt their waves, it sure was a treat to be out there!   Thanks Jim & Barbara!

I had to include pics from Hilo too, where the plants and volcano landscape were as wonderful as the ocean.

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Jim & Barbara